Li Auto L7

₱3,700,000 – ₱4,250,000

General Information

Well suited for families of three, Li L7 creates a spacious interior with superior comfort, providing a home-like experience for the entire family. As the Company’s first and flagship five-seat large SUV, Li L7 has a length of 5,050 millimeters, a width of 1,995 millimeters, a height of 1,750 millimeters, and a wheelbase of 3,005 millimeters. With 1,160-millimeter legroom at its maximum and nearly one-meter headroom, Li L7 boasts spacious second-row seats, exceptional among five-seat SUVs.

1100 Kms


42.8 kWh

Battery Size

180 kph

Top Speed


Dual Motor

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Detailed Specs

The 42.8 kWh battery pack and 65 liter fuel tank are equivalent to storing more than 200 kilowatt hours of electricity for the whole family. With 3.5 kW external discharge, it can create an outdoor “starry sky playground”, open “kitchen”, and dining room for the whole family. “View Restaurant” moves “home” to the most beautiful scenery.

The size is outstanding among luxury five-seat SUV products, with a length of 5050 mm and a wheelbase of 3005 mm. The effective use space in the car is larger, bringing a flagship space experience to a family of three.

Lilith L7 Max and Pro come standard with the self-developed Lili Magic Carpet air suspension, a complete system consisting of CDC continuously variable damping shock absorbers, air suspension and fully self-developed XCU central domain controller, with millisecond-level response ability. Even if you face a rough road, it’s like sitting on a “magic carpet”, smooth, quiet and comfortable.

Open with one click “Queen” mode.
The electric footrests automatically unfold, the second-row backrests are adjusted to 40°, and the passenger seat moves forward. The second-row legroom can be expanded to a maximum of 1160 mm. The length of the second-row seat cushion is 52 cm, and a wife with a height of 175 cm can stretch freely.

Two single beds, Take a nap anytime, anywhere.
The first row of seats folds flat and the second row of seats connects to form a flat “single bed”, which makes sleeping more comfortable during lunch breaks and camping.

A “VIP cinema” where you can lie down and watch.
In camping mode, the sound field will automatically switch to the entire car, and the sound effects will be adjusted to surround mode. When the children get out of class, charge, or take a lunch break, they can lie down and watch movies for a while, and the whole family’s super “VIP theater” can also be moved to you. Place you want to go.

Innovative 7.3.4 panoramic sound layout, Immersive interpretation.
Dual center-mounted, three high-power subwoofers, four sky speakers, every position in the car is the center of the sound field, and Dolby Atmos is standard. No seat is a second-class seat in the immersive concert hall of Ideal L7.

Sound field layout
Matrix subwoofer in rear cabin independent center speaker (Max model)

New gameplay methods of Tuning Master and Task Master have been added .
Three 15.7-inch 3K resolution ultra-clear “big color TVs”, three screens broadcast simultaneously, four microphones sing simultaneously, the tuning master can define exclusive modes for watching movies and listening to music; the task master can freely define them without waiting for OTA In-car function combination.

Extra large five-seat trunk, “You can install anything.”
The depth of the trunk is 1081 mm, and the maximum opening width is 1178 mm. With the 4/2/4 fold-down design of the seats, it can accommodate a family of three’s vacation equipment.

Fold down the two rear seats
When a family of three travels, folding down the two rear seats can accommodate multiple people’s ski equipment such as snow bags up to 170 cm long and skis up to 155 cm long.

A “camping house” for a family of three
The big bed experience in the car means that the whole family can go camping without setting up a tent. A family of three can sleep in the car. Children can also sleep outdoors in a constant-temperature, quiet and comfortable “bedroom”. When you open the door, you can see the mountains, rivers and sea.

It’s safe to open at night. Emergency braking with lidar fusion.
The emergency braking capability covers night scenes, protecting the safety of family members in the car and other traffic participants such as vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. With intelligent adaptive LED headlights, driving at night is safer.

The snow is open and clear. Better HUD snow mode.
In snow mode, the HUD display information switches to orange, and information such as speed, speed limit, navigation and road conditions are clearly visible. The adaptive capability of HUD can automatically adjust the height and brightness of the display according to the driver’s height, sitting posture and ambient light brightness.

All-round perception helps you “keep an eye on” when driving, parking, and parking.
Both AD Max and AD Pro have powerful perception and computing capabilities. High-performance perception sensors are like the 360-degree eyes of the intelligent driving system. Even in complex environments such as low light and dark light, they can still see clearly and protect the travel safety of the whole family.

Ideal Fortress Security Body™ Super “steel”.
Obtained double excellent G rating from China Insurance Research Institute for zero-defect frontal offset collision of 25% for the driver and front passenger. The flagship body safety structure can effectively withstand the impact of a collision.

Ideal Fortress Security Body™ “Soft” ones are also okay.
The airbags and side air curtains cover 10 positions in the entire vehicle, and the through-type air curtains on both sides of the front and rear seats effectively protect all vehicle occupants. It is also the only mainstream five-seat SUV under 300,000-400,000 yuan with standard rear seat side airbags. car model.

Featured Highlights

Dashboard Screen

It has  a 15.7 inch LCD Central Control Sreen.


Sound Speaker

Matrix subwoofer rear cabin independent center speaker.

Panoramic Canopy

Double panoramic canopy, Let’s watch the starry sky together.

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Li L7

Vehicle Maintenance and Customer Service Support

We will connect you to our dealer partner who provides the following: 

  • 3-year car warranty or 100k kms
  • 8-year battery warranty or 160k kms
  • After-sales and Customer Service

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