Nio ET9

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General Information

Innovative and Cohesive, Ushering a New Era

Every new idea originates from the unwavering belief of an innovator who aspires to make a difference. The Smart Electric Executive Flagship NIO ET9 is ready to usher in a new chapter with all the innovative masterminds

A new shape. The landjet silhouette and pure design of ET9 create a confident and poised stance. The 3,250mm ultra-long wheelbase accentuates this flagship’s grandeur and ambition..

720 Kms


150 kWh

Battery Size

200 kph

Top Speed


Dual Motor

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Detailed Specs

Figure of solidity.
The solid and rounded rear gives off a vigorous vibe of the ET9, embodying a firm belief in chasing the horizon.

Sense of foresight.
AQUILA 2.0 Super Sensing is re-rendered on the ET9, with two wide-angle side LiDARs making the car even more farseeing.

Space of light and shadow.
The glass roof with two independently controlled sunshades vivifies the cabin while catering to different needs of occupants.

Straight Stance
The unique large wheel arches and 23-inch wheels create a tall and straight posture, poised and attention-grabbing.

Your Own Suite
The Sky Island and the Executive Bridge naturally break up the cabin into four spaces, exclusive and appropriate to every occupant.

Tranquil Realm
with the 360 Active Road Noise Cancellation technology and the all-around sunshades, in the just 5 seconds, you will be brought bacj to tranquility from the hustle and bustle.

Cocooning Harbor
Enable by 24 patented tachnoligies, NIO’s proprietary seat structure provides every occupant at cocooning space full of care and comfort.

Executive Table
Stowed in the center armrest, the beautifully designed fold-oput table with a fine touch supporsts 6 DOF adjustment, a versatile design for reading video calls and business converstaions.

Occupants will also have an abundance of digital displays, with a 15.6-inch central touchscreen in the dashboard and 14.6-inch displays hung from the front seats for each rear occupant, plus a smaller 8.0-inch control screen between the back seats.
Treat the World With Courtesy
Into the Oriental philosophies, courtesy is what makes the world neighborhood.

Born as a four-seater.
The original four-seat layout creates four independent executive spaces, each of which has its dedicated view and experience. Enjoy an executive suite of your own.

Sky Ride Intelligent Chassis
The combination of Full Active Suspension, steer-by-wire system and rear-wheel steering system brings you a composed handling and riding experience that is as smooth as cruising in the stratosphere.

Smart Resistant System
A pioneer in the industry to lead with new safety standards. With precise detection of diffeerent collusions and severity levels, as well as body figures of occupats, coupled with automatic airbag inflation and seatbelt tension adjustment, the system realizes the best protection for you trip.

Featured Highlights

Dashboard Screen

The 15.6-inch high resolution AMOLED center display takes center stage in the cabin.


N-BOX, the enhanced brain of PanoCinema with strong computing power and video coding and decoding capabilities, supports multiple inputs and outputs for an immersive cockpit experience.

Voice Assistant

NOMI is your digital voice assistant. Powered by the powerful in-car computing capabilities, NOMI is constantly learning and growing in its abilities.

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Nio ET9

Vehicle Maintenance and Customer Service Support

We will connect you to our dealer partner who provides the following: 

  • 3-year car warranty or 100k kms
  • 8-year battery warranty or 160k kms
  • After-sales and Customer Service

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