Radar RD6

₱2,650,000 – ₱3,200,000

General Information

The Radar RD6 is an electric pickup truck, with a 0-62mph of under 6 seconds. The RD6 comes in 3 different battery sizes. Its around 215 miles of pure electric range, whereas, with the 86kWh battery 280. However, The 100kWh has a 380 miles of pure electric bliss. Almost sounds too good to be true. The RD6 is pretty well on bumpier terrains, It retains the usual speed and grace of electric cars when on regular roads and motorways.

610 Kms


100 kWh

Battery Size

185 kph

Top Speed


Dual Motor

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Detailed Specs

Highlighted Features

  • Radar RD6 is an affordable pure-electric pick-up truck.
  • It is based on M.A.P. platform, which is developed for the purpose of producing fully electric pickups by Geely.
  • RD6 can travel up to 610 kilometers when its 100-kWh NMC battery pack is fully charged.
  • Radar RD6 pricing starts at $25,150, or 178,800 CNY in China. Long range version of the RD6 costs around $37,800.
  • Geely produces Radar RD6 pickup trucks at its Shandong facility in China.

 It features a 12.3″ infotainment screen, HUD, and Geely’s Galaxy OS that conducts all the systems.

Featured Highlights

Dashboard Screen

11.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration

Parking Sensors

Alert you to obstacles that may not be visible in front of or behind the vehicle when parking

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Vehicle Maintenance and Customer Service Support

We will connect you to our dealer partner who provides the following: 

  • 3-year car warranty or 100k kms
  • 8-year battery warranty or 160k kms
  • After-sales and Customer Service

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