Volkswagen ID7

₱2,950,000– ₱3,250,000

General Information

To put it simply, the Volkswagen ID.7 EV is the definition of a premium sedan. You’ll notice it’s rather sleek. So, you’ll certainly stand out on the road. And the cabin is especially spacious and comfortable. You know, for those longer commutes. And of course we had to add advanced technology. It is an EV, after all.

The Volkswagen ID7 is slightly larger than both the Model 3 and Polestar 2, so it should offer more interior space. Size wise, you can think of it as more of a middle ground between the Model 3 and Model S luxury saloon, or the BMW i4 and i7.

642 Kms


84.80 kWh

Battery Size

260 kph

Top Speed

Rear Drive

Dual Motor

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Detailed Specs

Depending on the battery capacity, the new ID.7 offers an all-electric range of up to 435 miles and is thus equipped for practically any non-stop journey. You can charge from 10 to 80 per cent in under 30 minutes, get on the road again swiftly and drive for longer with the most efficient vehicle in its class: thanks to sophisticated battery management and aerodynamic design, the new ID.7 only consumes 13 kWh/100km.
The electric panoramic sunroof in the new VW ID.7 offers heavenly views. The large glass area is not only an eye-catcher, it can be controlled with ease with a swipe of the hand over a functional surface in the headliner or via voice control, and adjusted to be either transparent or opaque. The translucency is controlled by means of electrochromic voltage.

You can also enjoy the perfect seating comfort in every driving situation thanks to the optional, smart air conditioning. The seat cushion and backrest can be heated independently of each other as standard and together with the optional automated ventilation of the front seats ensure intelligent humidity control. In addition to automatic mode, you can choose between three intelligent climate zones: from hot to dry to cool. Experience total comfort to leave you feeling fit and fresh even on long journeys – regardless of whether after sport or a walk.

Enjoy a comfortable drive and arrive safe and well – your ID. ensures your well-being thanks to the new, optional wellness in-car app. You can activate various wellness programmes via the app during your journey or while charging. The new air conditioning concept with smart air vents directs the flow of air selectively and dynamically. Together with sound, light, panoramic sunroof, massage seat and air conditioning, your ID. can provide you with an all-round feeling of well-being if desired in the driver or front passenger seat. You can use various subprogrammes depending on how you feel or want to feel – from activity to relaxation.

Would you like to be able to use your smartphone apps conviently in the car? App-Connect makes this really easy to do. It enables you to use selected apps and content in your Volkswagen. Tehy are transferred wirelessly to the infortainment system display with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto from Google and can be operated easily and clearly within your field of vision. This makes it incredibly easy to access music, news, maps or audio books, for example.
The new ID.7 offers ample space for up to five passengers. Thanks to premium materials and features, such as background lighting or the electrically dimmable panoramic sunroof, it conveys the lounge atmosphere of a luxury-class fastback with an especially generous sense of space – also in the second row of seats. The luggage compartment offers a capacity of over 500 litres, so there is space for more than just the bare essentials. The interior materials of the new ID.7 contain a wealth of recycled materials. Moreover, as with the other ID. models, the new ID.7 will arrive to customers completely carbon-neutral.

Your choice, your comfort: exceptional relaxation is yours to enjoy with the newly developed ergoPremium seats in the new ID.7. The programmes with side and lower back massage functionality promote blood circulation, ease tension and can help keep you relaxed and calm, especially on long journeys. The massage function operates on the basis of program-controlled inflation and deflation of air pockets integrated in the seat cushions.

The optional proactive occupant system can detect precarious situations with the potential toc ause an accident and automatically take precautions depending on the situation.

– Windows and sliding sunroof are closed to a crack to optimise the effect of the airbags.

– The front seats belts are tightend in an instant to secure the driver and front passengers in their seats.

– The hazard warning lights are activated.

Featured Highlights

Dashboard Screen

15 inch screen display provides convenients access to the most important functions.


App-Connect with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto From Google.

Voice Assitant

Avoid getting distructed by buttons or switches while driving.

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Vehicle Maintenance and Customer Service Support

We will connect you to our dealer partner who provides the following: 

  • 3-year car warranty or 100k kms
  • 8-year battery warranty or 160k kms
  • After-sales and Customer Service

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