3S-EV Modena

₱95,940 – ₱190,120

General Information

The Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s least expensive and most popular car. It’s been a huge success for the automaker since the first one rolled off the lines in 2017 and can easily be considered the brand’s bread and butter.

With more than 300 miles of potential range on tap, the Model 3 is perfect for anyone who needs to scoot around a big city and can be stretched to work on longer road trips.

80 Kms




80 kph

Top Speed


Motor Power

Detailed Specs

Mode Standard Plus Max
Motor 30H1500W 30H2000W 30H2500W
Battery 60V 20A 72V 30A 72V 60A
Controller 12 Pipe Row Controller
Shock Absorption Hydraulic Absorption
Brake Front and Rear Disc Brakes
Max Speed 50kph 80kph 100kph
Cruising Range 60km 150km 300km
Configuration Back hanger with backrest (bumper with tail box)
Color White, Grey, Red, Black, Blue


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