Zeekr 007

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General Information

Zeekr 007 can add a 500 km range in 15 minutes. Its peak charging power is 500 kW, and the maximum charge rate is 4.5C. At -10 °C, the fast charging speed increases by 2.

The Zeekr 007 also comes equipped with a trio of LiDAR sensors mounted on the roof and front fenders, supporting sophisticated autonomous driving systems.

870 Kms


100 kWh

Battery Size

200 kph

Top Speed


Dual Motor

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Detailed Specs

The Zeekr 007 is a mid-size sedan, measuring 4,865 mm/1,900 mm/1,450 mm with a wheelbase of 2,928 mm. Its design language, masterfully crafted by Stefan Sielaff and the Zeekr Design Center team in Gothenburg, Sweden, exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic.

Its smart driving system is based on Nvidia’s Drive Orin chip, with models with LiDAR equipped with 2 Orin chips with 508 Tops of computing power. Models without LiDAR come with just one Orin chip.

the Zeekr 007 boasts a 15.05-inch screen powered by Kr GPT AI and a Snapdragon 8295 chip from Qualcomm, promising a high-tech and engaging driving experience.

It has a2.5k OLED resolution and 21 Dolby Atmos speakers. It is all powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8295 chip.

Featured Highlights

Dashboard Screen

Crisp 15.4″ center screen, slim 8.9 instrument cluster, with heads-up display and a 5.7″ touchscreen

Voice Assistant

Adjust functions inclduing music, navigation and temperature through voice commands.


All of the technologies combine to deliver an incredible digital experience, while over-the-air software updates bring new features.

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Vehicle Maintenance and Customer Service Support

We will connect you to our dealer partner who provides the following: 

  • 3-year car warranty or 100k kms
  • 8-year battery warranty or 160k kms
  • After-sales and Customer Service

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